Libido Enhancers for Men and Women with natural herbs and supplements, vitamin pills, herbal formulas that enhance sexual interest and pleasure
Information for a man and woman on causes and treatment with dietary pills and avoidance of prescription medications
March 1 2017

There are a number of natural herbal libido enhancers that work effectively in women and men. Some that are becoming more popular include maca, tongkat ali, horny goat weed, tribulus terrestris and yohimbe. Additional herbs and plant extracts include ashwagandha, avena sativa, Mucuna Pruriens, muira puama, ginseng, and Rhodiola.
A combination of these, properly formulated, works very well.

A world-renowned medical doctor has formulated a libido enhancer for both women and men and it is called Passion Rx which includes a smart blend of several of these effective herbs in the proper combinations and amounts.

Maca Extract is grown in the Andes mountains in South America, particularly in Peru. Libido can be enhanced by this herb use over several days. However maca is not as potent as other aphrodisiac herbs.

How to increase male and female libido naturally through diet, food, and lifestyle
Getting a deep sleep is one of the most important ways to boost lagging libido. And in order to sleep deep, daily physical activity is essential, at least do a slight exercise but preferably more. Eat more vegetables and fish, try to lead a low stress life, take vacations to warm climates near an ocean, involve yourself with erotica and try to meet someone who strongly appeals to you and who finds you desirable.

Herbal female libido enhancers
Most of them are very safe. Certain herbal aphrodisiacs such as yohimbe and tongkat ali should be taken in low doses since they have side effects such as increased heart rate and body temperature. It is better to take these herbs in low dosages and be patient rather than take too many pills at one time.

Passion Rx libido enhancer formula for a woman and man
If you have a low libido, don’t despair. There are many natural supplements that can provide a solution. Passion Rx has been on the market since 2004 and its popularity continues to grow as more and more people find out about its effectiveness. This herbal aphrodisiac formula has become one of the bestselling natural performance enhancing products with a high rate or reorders.

Passion Rx works in Men and Women
Formulated by Ray Sahelian, M.D., best selling author of Natural Sex Boosters
Potent female and male libido enhancer with tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris, muira puama, maca, horny goat weed

About a third of first time users of Passion Rx will notice a libido enhancement by the second day, another third notice the effects on the third or fourth day. Our feedback thus far indicates more than 80% of users notice a powerful improvement by the end of the first week, and about 90 percent by the end of the second week.

It is an effective herbal formula created for natural sexual enhancement in men and women. The majority of users notice a benefit within two to three days.

Passion Rx enhances:
Libido and sexual thoughts
Erectile function
Orgasms and climaxes
Sensation of genital organs in men and women

Hormones: estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, pregnenolone and testosterone, are they safe?
Q. My doctor told me that I need testosterone to boost my libido ever since I’ve had my ovaries removed and I have early menopause. Do you think herbs can restore it without resorting to hormones? I really don’t want to take testosterone.
A. Most doctors don’t realize that there certain natural herbs are female libido enhancers as much as the hormones, and often much safer. Your doctor may also recommend the temporary use of a natural over the counter hormone called DHEA. But you have to be cautious with DHEA hormone, also, since it has side effects. Over the counter hormone supplements such as DHEA or pregnenolone can be effective and safe when used for a few days, or occasionally, but eventually it is preferable to rely on herbal remedies. Factors associated with decreased libido in midlife are complex but include depression, disturbed sleep, and night sweats, all common symptoms of the menopausal transition and early menopause.

Q. I am 44 yrs old, do not smoke or drink, or ever used drugs, but lately I am so stressed and sleeping average 4 to 5 hours per night anyway, my libido is decreasing so bad and lately I started taking Viagra pills. I noticed having a strong erection but still have low libido. I feel like I am engaging in a sexual activity that is not giving me pleasure. It was not like that in the past! I am planning to start with 5mg of DHEA, Do you think it will increase libido? Would you think 5 mg is a good dose to start?
A. DHEA may increase libido in some users, so does the over the counter hormone pregnenolone. They are alternatives to testosterone patches, pills, creams and injections. However, there are herbs that are safer for long term use for the purposes of increasing libido without danger. Low dosage DHEA can be tried for a few days and then stopped for a month. In the meantime, sexual herbs to increase libido naturally can be taken in low dosages.

Testosterone treatment
In men who are older and have low testosterone levels, replacement with this androgen does increase libido. However, testosterone should be used for a brief period of time and only in low dosages to prevent androgenic side effects. An alternative to testosterone is the over the counter hormone DHEA which also should be used cautiously. Men who prefer not to use testosterone or hormones often do quite well taking natural herbal supplements that can easily increase libido. Some of these herbal aphrodisiacs are mentioned at the top of the page.

Female and male libido more similar than different
Testosterone stimulates sex drive in men and women. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that has a similar influence in both sexes. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels in both sexes. Hormones such as DHEA and testosterone, found in both men and women, increase sex drive and sensation. There are more similarities in libido arousal in men and women than there are differences. That is why an effective desire and performance enhancing product such as Passion Rx works in men and women.

Why do some men and women who are young and physically healthy have a low libido?
This is often related to stress, lack of adequate sleep, depression, anxiety, marital or relationship problems, life crisis, financial difficulties, problems at work, religious repression, feelings of guilt or shame, poor body image, or some forms of mental illness. Do the best you can to seek help if you have any of these conditions either from friends, family members, support groups, psychologists, religious figure that you respect, or another source. Getting a deep sleep at night can do wonders for a healthy libido and this is often achieved by being physically active during the day. Financial stress has a strong suppressing influence on men.

Menopause libido loss, any herbal ways to reverse this?
Low doses of tongkat ali, muira puama, horny goat weed and Passion Rx could be helpful to naturally increase libido in menopause.

Birth control pills
Q. I have been on Yasmin birth control pill for many years. I have noticed a decrease in libido more and more every day. Does Passion Rx help reverse this even in women who take birth control pills?
A. The vast majority of women taking Passion Rx find this formula to be quite helpful in increasing libido, even if they are on birth control pills.

PDE5 inhibiting drugs Cialis, Levitra and Viagra, are they drugs used for ED libido enhancers?
These drugs work well in terms of providing a full erection and blood engorgement, but they are not direct libido enhancers. They do little to directly increase sexual urge, and they have no effect on sensation of genital organs. Men report having an engorged penis, but often the sensation is lacking and there is little passion. However, having a full erection has a positive influence on confidence and performance.

Luvox antidepressant
My son still has a loss of libido and Impotence after 3 years following use of Luvox. Have you ever run across a case of this?
Antidepressants, of the SSRI class can cause a loss of libido. Luvox is fluvoxamine maleate, a medication in the class of SSRIs. Most people regain their sex drive within a few weeks after stopping a SSRI drug. Your son’s case is unusual. Perhaps there are other factors involved.

Increase libido in a woman with tongkat ali herbal extract
Does tongkat ali herb increase libido in a woman?
Hormones, such as testosterone and DHEA, have a major influence in libido enhancement. Tongkat ali is a libido herb used in Southeast Asia and it is a potent libido enhancer but has to be used in low dosages since side effects include increased body temperature, restlessness, and insomnia.

Low female libido in a young woman
I am a 21 yr old woman with low libido. I am looking for something that can help with the inability to become aroused and that is safe for nursing mothers. Do you know anything that could help a woman with low libido?
Many of the sex herbs could help women’s libido, it is difficult to know which one would help low libido in any particular person. As to the safety while nursing, we are not aware of studies done with aphrodisiac herbs for low libido that have looked into the safety issue while nursing. However, most herbs for low libido are taken only 2, 3 or 4 days a week.

Male libido enhancement
Q. I am looking for an over the counter male libido enhancement product. How do I know which work?
A. You really can’t tell for sure which natural product works unless you try it. There are thousands of them on the market, and we are quite certain that many of them work, but you can’t tell from the ingredients alone.

How to decrease libido
I am having high libido. Although i am not having such thoughts all the time, but of late i have started to observe myself and felt that I want to lose this high libido. I am hoping to focus on my work again. I tend to spend too much time on the internet looking at sex sites.
5-HTP or 5-hydroxy-tryptophan could help to lower it. Perhaps occasional use of kava my also be helpful.

Herbal libido enhancer side effects
Most libido enhancer herbs have mild to moderate heart stimulating properties and are therefore not advised for those who have a heart or cardiovascular medical problem or are taking heart medicines. If you have mild high blood pressure, ask your doctor if low dosages of libido enhancers are appropriate for you. Low dosages may mean taking half a capsule. Those with heart problems should rather focus on diet and natural, non-herbal ways to enhance libido.

Drugs and medications that have a negative influence
Drugs that cause low libido include certain medication used to lower blood pressure, SSRI type drugs used for depression, sedatives, sleeping pills, and beta-blockers. Alcohol’s negative affect on libido increases with age. Smoking can reduce genital blood flow.
Finasteride, a drug used to treat enlarged prostate and to stimulate hair growth (Proscar and Propecia), may decrease libido, and in some individuals cause impotence and ejaculatory dysfunction.

I am taking the drug Propecia for hair loss. I have side effects from Propecia, also known as finasteride 1 mg. Can taking tribulus terrestris improve libido which it the side effect I have. Propecia is causing low libido. Does taking tribulus terrestris increase testosterone in the body?
Tribulus terrestris does improve libido. Not enough human studies are available to determine the influence of tribulus terrestris on testosterone and whether or not it has an effect on hair loss or growth. Another option is Passion Rx which many people report increases libido in those who have taken or taking Propecia. Finasteride in 5 mg dose is known as Proscar.

Finasteride ( Proscar, Propecia ) cause low libido
Male sexual dysfunction such as impotence, loss or low libido or sexual interest, and ejaculation disorders have been consistent side effects of finasteride use. Finasteride is used for hair growth as Propecia, and for the treatment of prostate enlargement in the form of Proscar which has 5 mg of the drug. Propeica has 1 mg of finasteride and causes less frequent sexual side effects. Avodart is also another drug used for hair loss and prostate enlargement which is known to cause similar problems.

SSRI drugs for depression treatment
SSRI drugs such as Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft are a common cause of low libido in men and women due to elevation of serotonin levels. Serotonin has an inhibitory effect on sexual urge and desire.

High blood pressure medications
Every since my doctor put me on propranolol for high blood pressure, I have a drop in libido. Is low libido a side effect of beta blockers?
Yes, for sure. Propranolol is a beta blocker, and almost all beta blocker interfere with optimal sexual functioning, including reduction of libido and sensation, along with difficulty with erection.

Examples of beta-blockers include: acebutolol, betaxolol, bisoprolol, esmolol, propranolol, atenolol, labetalol, carvedilol, metoprolol, and nebivolol.

Q. I am interested in buying Passion Rx without yohimbe, l-arginine powder, rhodiola and ginkgo biloba. I want to increase my libido and need help with stress and energy. Is this a good mix? How should I go about in cycling these products?
A. Each person is unique. It is best to learn how each sex enhancing product works by itself by trying it for a week without mixing with other supplements. Once you learn how each one influences your sex drive, then you may combined them but in low dosages. Passion Rx is potent and it is not necessary to take it with other herbal boosting supplements.

Q. I am a family physician who has some growing interest in the herbal / alternative medicine field in conjunction. My wife and I are 50 years old. Recently she commented that she wondered if we could boost her libido. I have seen ads from another doctor for a pheromone type topical application. How does Passion Rx compare to that, and what are your thoughts on these pheromone preparations to boost libido?
A. We are not familiar with the benefits or effectiveness of pheromone preparations. Passion Rx is very popular in those who wish to boost their libido, and it often takes only a few days to be noticed when taken 2 days on, one or two days off, in the morning on an empty stomach at least a half hour before breakfast.

Labisia pumila is known as Kacip Fatimah and has been used by Malay women as an herbal medicine.